bgm express logistics GmbH grows - New location in Augsburg

Our network grows and we take you with us!

We are pleased to inform you, that we have fully integrated our location in Augsburg into the nationwide bgm network.


A significant part of bgm's sales is already generated in Bavaria. Under the direction of Dieter Mergler and his team, we would like to expand sales and significantly improve the quality, accessibility and speed of response in the operating area.


We thank you for your trust and are always available for you.


Our new office

bgm express logistik GmbH branch office Augsburg

bgm express logistik GmbH branch office Augsburg


Our new contact details

bgm express logistik GmbH
- Branch office Augsburg -
Augsburger Straße 30
Germany - 86368 Gersthofen
Telefon: +49 (0) 821 999575-99

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