bgm express logistik GmbH awarded with honorary certificate from the IHK Stuttgart

For the 10th anniversary we welcomed Mr. Lindenberger from the IHK Stuttgart for receiving our honorary certificate. The awarded honorary certificate impressively emphasize that a company with courage, ambition and innovative thinking can grow to a top performer and integral part of the logistics industry.


bgm express logistik GmbH awarded with honorary certificate

Head of division Mr. Lindenberger (right) hands over the honorary certificate to managing director Sven Bergemann (left) for our 10th anniversary


The further discussion was focused on economic topics such as the new challenges of the automotive industry trough e-mobility as well as to show of our solutions in the areas of skills shortage, expansion and digitization.


Mr. Lindenberger confirmed from other industries that the shortage of skilled workers is existing. Especially for fast-growing companies such as bgm express logistics GmbH is it important to find employees in different ways. Nevertheless, we surprised with a share of 60% in lateral entrants, the majority of them came out of the service sector because of the dedicated sense of service. Sven Bergemann explains: "We are very successful with the procedure to set also on lateral entrants, we train them internally to the specialists we need and give them the chance to grow with the company. The results and experiences confirm that we can counteract the problem in this way. "

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