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Premium air freight solutions and on-board courier services

You have a very urgent express shipment that has to reach a faraway destination as quickly as possible? Then send it directly and avoid traffic jams and detours: The fastest way for your express delivery is by air.


Our premium air freight solutions are available for all cases in which a direct delivery would no longer be economical or fast enough. These include our strong partner network in 80 countries and comprehensive service including door-to-door delivery.

Air charter

Unlimited service included: We will fly your freight to out-of-the-way destinations and also handle sensitive, delicate or bulky goods at any time. This is because, for us, flexibility is a matter of course where air charter is concerned. This applies to departure times as well: Your freight determines the timetable independently of any flight schedule. To this end, depending on what the individual situation calls for, we will use helicopters, propeller planes or jets of all sizes. Your cargo will reach its destination reliably, safely and on time – whether as an individual order or a charter series.

On-board courier

Sensitive goods should be transported with special care. Upon request, we at bgm express logistik will assume personal responsibility for this and provide you with special couriers. This means that your shipment will be accompanied at all times, from pick-up to delivery. bgm express logistik will book a flight connection that is best for you and will take care of formalities such as transport insurance and customs clearance. Our experienced on-board couriers are well trained and speak the respective local language so that they can handle customs and import procedures quickly and directly.

What sets our air charter and OBC services apart

Express air freight shipment

The fastest delivery times and safest shipping worldwide and throughout Europe thanks to our individual handling of each transport.

Response to emergencies

For example, in the case of a possible assembly line stoppage or in other emergency situations, we are available in a fast and flexible manner to deliver goods, parts or products. In addition, we will take care of the procurement and distribution of spare parts and special-offer articles.

Unlimited express services

Our extensive network ensures the fastest direct transport worldwide and throughout Europe.

Flexible express service

You can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will provide you with a direct contact person from the time you place your order until it has been completed.


You can also find out all about our air charter services in our » Service overview Air charter & OBC (PDF)