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In addition to our well-known services of europe-wide direct and special transports we created a new high-speed logistics concept for your national and international transports throughout europe called bgm europe+.


bgm europe+ is your alternative to time sensitive transports in order to bring smaller cargoes reliably and quickly to their destination. It combines the advantages of direct transportation with the benefits of conventional transport solutions.


Up to 1.6 LDM and a weight of max. 800 kg, we offer you flexible delivery options in all economic centres of the European Union.

WHAT SETS bgm europe+ APART

Financial advantages

More attractive terms than with common direct transportation.

late pick up and registration for your transports

The late Consignment registration and delivery allows you to extend and make efficient use of your operational processes and order acceptance deadlines.

Time saving

Faster delivery than with conventional transport solutions.

Flexible delivery options

06 o'clock - 08 o'clock - 10 o'clock - 12 o'clock - during the day. Choose yourself by when your goods should arrive at the recipient.

More possibilities

Larger shipment volume than with standard parcel service providers.

Positive CO2 balance

Our contribution to environmental protection: Combined transports can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Planning reliability

No risk of exceeding transport time due to driving and resting periods.


Consistent shipment tracking through Track & Trace.


All Express services from a single source.

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The most important items of information are also summarized on our flyer » Flyer: bgm europe+ (PDF)