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A wide range of services supplementing our logistics offers

We offer you appropriate, well-designed value-added services as a supplement to our extensive transport services. Many companies face additional challenges - especially just before or following a delivery - and we are happy to assist you with these. Outsourcing the respective work processes will allow you to devote your full and undivided attention to your core business.


With or without your own vehicle fleet, we will handle a great variety of tasks in close coordination with you and ease the strain on you with our wide range of services.

Possible areas of application

  • We will take care of your warehouse and transport logistics.
  • Upon request, we will handle and manage your vehicle fleet or own-account transport.
  • If necessary, we will take on your employees pursuant to section 613a German Civil Code.
  • We will perform administrative logistics and shipping activities as well as all types of quality control, picking and packing, labelling and neutralisation of goods.
  • Our installation services include pre-assembly and dismantling of all types of devices and furniture, initial and continuous stocking, display construction as well as maintenance work.
  • We are also happy to perform cleaning and disposal measures for you.
  • In addition, we will take back old and used equipment while handling the associated preparation, putting into operation, transport and storage.
  • All outsourcing services can be processed at your company or externally on our premises.

You can benefit from the advantages of our value-added services

Free resources and capacities for your company

Outsourcing certain work processes will ease the strain on you and your employees. This frees up time and human resources for the core business or other tasks.

Transparency and planning certainty

You will benefit from calculable costs on a unit basis or based on the service rendered.

Efficiency and higher cost-benefit factor

The outsourcing of risk factors and the flexible allocation of human resources allows you to operate efficiently and plan for the long term. You can react quickly to peak periods and order fluctuations and in this way take advantage of cost benefits.

Express service

You can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will provide you with a direct contact person from the time you place your order until it has been completed.


You can also find out all about our value-added services in our » Service overview Outsourcing & value-added services (PDF)

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