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Express logistics for procurement and distribution

For many chain stores it is of crucial importance to have a capable logistics partner in order to ensure that products remain available. bgm express logistik will help you avoid sales losses due to shelf shortages or out-of-stock situations: We guarantee the timely and need-based supply of your retail branches. Construction sites and installers also often depend on short-notice deliveries of materials and tools.


In these and in many other cases, bgm express logistik will ensure pinpoint and on-time distribution of your products and goods.

Regional logistics and exclusive transport services

Our "regional logistics" offer provides an especially fast and safe shipment. In the case of this exclusive express transport, only your products and goods are transported in the respective vehicle. No other products are loaded. It is very important to us that your goods are shipped in a manner that best meets your specific requirements. For this reason, bgm express logistik will provide you with customised solutions to satisfy your needs.

Possible areas of application

  • bgm express logistik will handle the following for you: Supply of branch stores, shops, construction sites and installers as well as specialist retailers and wholesalers (B2B & B2C).
  • We distribute advertising material and printed matter and deliver special-offer articles.
  • In the automotive and industry sectors, we support our customers as a local forwarder.
  • We offer kanban systems as production process control tools and JIG/JIS plans for the automotive and supplier sector.
  • In the case of seasonal fluctuations we will cover additional requirements and also provide immediate same-day delivery for end customers.

You can benefit from the advantages of our distribution and procurement services

Customised service

We offer you logistics solutions that are specifically geared to your needs and requirements.

Transparency and plannability

You will benefit from precisely defined processes, the highest IT standards, stable freight rates and binding remuneration for transparent, plannable and reliable solutions.

Relief through comprehensive services

Upon request, we will take care of all operational and administrative services for your project.

Express service

You can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will provide you with a direct contact person from the time you place your order until it has been completed.


You can also find out all about our distribution and procurement logistics in our  » Service overview Distribution and procurement logistics (PDF)